The Richwoods

The Richwoods are a Sussex based ukulele trio who deliver short, sharp ukulele instrumentals for the discerning palate.

Tracey, Dan, Dave

It all started in late 2007 - Dave and I were having a conversation about learning a new musical instrument  I said I quite fancied either ukulele or double bass, so taking into account budget and space, uke looked like the sensible way to go. Shortly after that, I had booked Tracey's recorder band "The Zoltan Kodaly School For Girls" to play at Scaledown, the club I was co-curating at the time. Midway through their set, Tracey set down her recorded and whipped out a ukulele.

The Zoltan Kodaly School For Girls

A couple of days later I asked if I could borrow her uke to get an idea of whether it was the new instrument for me. Well, I took to it like a duck to water, and it wasn't long before Dave had also got the bug.

So, early in 2008 Dave began recording uke rhythm tracks and e-mailing them to me to write lead parts for. In a ridiculously unsustainable spurt of creativity we wrote something like 20 tunes in a couple of weeks, using this weird "ebony & ivory" geographically separate writing/recording method. Not long after, Tracey got drawn into this web of creativity and also began churning out rhythm tracks.

By May 2008 we had enough of these short, sharp originals to consider playing them live, so we hauled ourselves over to Horsham Folk Club

Over the next year or so, we hauled our absurdly tiny instruments around various Sussex and London venues, occasionally augmenting the line up with Clive on cavaquino and Danny on baritone uke, as well as squeezing out more and more short, sharp originals.

Fat Ghost Records released a download only single of Snow On The Sea pts 1 & 2

These days we play on average once a year, as ironically geographical separation (coupled with a certain amount of laziness) has made it too much of a ballache to do much more.

However, whenever we do pull our fingers out, it still sounds damn fine...

Bag of Hats - live in 2012

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