Other Bands

The Orange World (1986-87)

Matt Branton - Vocals
John Lambie - Guitar
Dan Whaley - Bass
Phil Jones - Drums

Probably the least said about this combo the better. Matt went on to be a celebrated novelist with a bunch of books out on Bloomsbury. Phil moved to NZ. John is now a University Lecturer in Cambridge.

The Insects (1989-91)

Gaius de Smidt - Vocals, Keyboards
Dan Whaley - Guitar, Vocals
John Skittles - Bass
Paul Rollins - Drums

The first band following my switch from bass to guitar, and the beginning of a 16 year partnership with John Skittles which carried on right up to the demise of the Napiers in 2005. The Insects' music was a folk/punk hybrid, occasionally veering dangerously too far to the folk side of the fence for my tastes at that time. Oh the irony that I now run a folk club...

The Million Lira Quartet (1998-99) 

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Steve Pomeroy: Vocals/Guitar
Dan Whaley: Guitar/Vocals
Tim Potter: Double Bass
Keith Wilson: Drums

Originally envisioned as a one off playing rock'n'roll numbers for Keith's wedding, we all had such a blast that we decided to carry on. The name of course is a pun on The Million Dollar Quartet featuring Elvis, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins & Jerry Lee, the joke being that a million Lira was worth about sixteen quid.
A year later Tim & I departed but were replaced (after a few false starts) by Andy Sier (Sires/Bristols/Honey & The Hucksters/The Turnabouts) on guitar and John Skittles (Napiers/Diaboliks/Wolfmen) on bass with the band now going under the name of The One Eyed Jacks.
For further info on Steve Pom, check out his website http://www.stephenjpomeroy.com/

The Turnabouts (2000) 

Steve Pomeroy: Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums
Andy Sier: Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums
Dan Whaley: Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums

This band only existed for one rehearsal, one 3 song live set & one recording session. The idea behind it was to take three multi-instrumentalists, pick 3 songs and have the musicians rotate instruments for each song, which worked very well indeed, even if I do say so myself.

The Dragnet 3 (2001-02)

Nico Van Malssen: Drums & Vocals
Dan Whaley: Bass & Vocals
Sander Van Malssen: Guitar

In 2001 I was living in Holland and itching to start a new band, so thanks to a fine fellow by the name of SJ Bink I was introduced to Nico, whose combo with his brother Sander (The 1-2-5) was in mothballs at that time. The three of us got together in a dingy Amsterdam basement, bashed out a selection of garage classics and Nederbiet numbers and within 3 months were hopping on a plane to London to support Wilko Johnson at the Dirty Water Club. Further gigs followed at a trash festival at The Cluny in Newcastle, at the Wild Weekend in Benidorm and finally in our adopted home town of Amsterdam before our premature demise caused by my permanent return to the UK.

By this time Sander & Nico had pulled the dust covers off the 1-2-5, which carried on until 2008 or so.

Update: On Friday 20th April 2007 I hopped up to play on a couple of numbers with The 1-2-5 at the Dirty Water Club in Tufnell Park, so all 3 Dragnets were on stage at the same time for the first time in 5 years. Also playing were the fantastic Thanes and Greece's excellent Frantic V.

Further update: On Saturday 14th July, 2007 we reconvened in a rehearsal room in Amsterdam. Sander pulled out a setlist from our last gig in 2002 and to our utter amazement about 3/4 of it sounded like we'd last played it a week ago, rather than 5 1/2 years ago. Next rehearsal is booked for sometime in 2012...

Further further update: Summer 2011 - Elvi from Italy is doing her best to get the Dragnets back together. In principle we're all up for it, so if we can overcome the geographical limitations (and our collective idleness), we may well be treading the boards again. I think Sander has put together a Dragnet 3 Facebook page, but as I am vehemently anti Facebook I can't verify this.

The Silencers (2003-05)

Geoff Graham: Vocals & Piano
Pete Bradbury: Guitar & Vocals
Dan Whaley: Bass
Paul DuPoy/Graham Leaney/Craig Joynes/Mark out of Slight Return: Drums

It all started in early 2003 when I answered an ad placed by Pete looking for a bass player /singer to join a blues trio. It didn't take Pete long to see that although I can play the bass, I can't sing for toffee, so to cut a long story short we hooked up with the extremely talented joanna spanker Geoff Graham and started playing pub gigs, more often than not with stand in drummer Mark as regular drummers tended not to hang around too long. By mid 2005 the ongoing drummer difficulties were proving too much hassle, so we called it a day. Pete & Geoff went on to form Beatville, and Geoff & I formed The Flaming Czars.

The Flying Saucers (2008) 
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Geoff Graham: Vocals & Piano
Dan Whaley: Guitar
Tim Potter: Double Bass
Danny O'Brien: Drums

Born out of a Flaming Czars rehearsal in March 2008 when Geoff put his accordion down, sat at the piano and said "let's play some rock'n'roll". Danny & Tim were both happy to lend a hand on drum'n'bass, so on 25th April 2008 we had a quick runthrough/rehearsal of 4 R'n'R stompers (this being the first time Geoff & Tim had ever met, and the first time Geoff, Tim & Danny had played together). 20 minutes later we played the tunes live to a rapturous audience.

Waterfield & Whaley (2008-2016)

Mark Waterfield: Vocals, blowy things
Dan Whaley: Strummy things

Union folk songs, played on whatever instruments happen to be available

The Brilleaux Pads (2008-2010) 

JBrilleaux: Lee
Ricko Johnson: Wilko
Dan B Sparks: Sparko
The Little Figure: The Big Figure

Yep, in case you can't make head nor tail of what's written above, The Brilleaux Pads were a Wilko-era Dr Feelgood tribute band. The idea was first mooted in early 2003, but it took us 5 years and a drunken evening to actually do something about it.

The Earls of Monte Cristo (2010-) 

Dan: Cigar Box Guitar
Clive: Cigar Box Guitar

Plus a few others...

Green Ray (1991)
Dan Whaley: Guitar
Mark Ashdown: Bass
Mark Braby: Drums
Alas never made it out of the rehearsal room (which more often than not was my front room)

The Electric Nuggets (1994)
Alan Lacroix: Vocals & Guitar
Clive Pearman: Guitar
Dan Whaley: Bass
Paul Rollins: Drums
Specially convened for one gig only. Didn't have a name until we were on stage and the MC asked what we were called and as we were playing a bunch of 60s garage stormers The Electric Nuggets seemed to fit the bill. Alan Lacroix is a blisteringly good guitarist, and a damn fine singer too.

The Pete Sounds Houseband (1997)
Steve Pomeroy, Dan Whaley, Mark Braby, Adrian Morris
(all playing Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocals, etc backing a host of guest vocalists/musicians performing the songs of Monsieur Pete Evans)

The Ray Mondo Combo (2002)
Studio-only band featuring Danny O'Brien, Dan Whaley, Andy Boyal, Hatch End Joe and El Gimpo. Sole recording was the magnificent spaghetti western-ish 'Pistolo de Oro'

The Whom (2002)
Billy 'Bossa' Taylor: Daltrey
Steve Pomeroy: Townshend
Dan Whaley: Entwistle
Mark Braby: Moon
Put together for a one off gig. Rehearsals were fantastic - Braby's Moon impersonation was spot on - he managed to wreak equal amounts of havoc upon the rehearsal room drumkit and his hands after the first song. Annoyingly (for me, anyhow) art imitated life and at the last minute I was unable to make the gig (not, I hasten to add, because I was found dead whilst conkers deep up a Vegas hooer - much more mundane - my daughter was ill) so Andy Hale stepped in and was the Pino Palladino to my John Entwistle.

Unnamed Pub Rock Combo (2003)
Pre-Silencers band comprising Pete Bradbury & me on Guitar & bass, the stunningly-voiced Susie on vocals and excellent drummer Guy Hall. One day Susie just vanished off the face off the earth and that was the end of that.

Unnamed Rock'n'Roll Combo (2003)
Never made it out of the rehearsal room (thank GOD). The only good thing to come out of this fiasco was Geoffthepianist (see The Flaming Czars and The Silencers)

Wheezin' Honeydew Van Buren & Hamfisted Willie Jefferson (2004)
Dan Whaley: slide guitar
Clive Pearman: resonator
Put together for the second Scaledown night in July 2004, at which we played a selection of New York, Manchester and Earlsfield folk blues numbers

The Hideous Replicas (2005)
Stood in on bass for a couple of rehearsals in preparation for a gig supporting some twerp from the Inspiral Carpets that alas fell through

The Redeemers (2005)
Mid 2005 The Napiers & The Silencers had both split and in a panic I jumped into the first band that came along. Nice guys, but not really what I wanted to do, so I jumped straight out again, but recommended Graham from The Silencers to them when they found themselves drummerless, who is still bashing the skins for them

Long Tall Shorty (2005)
For 3 rehearsals I was the bassplayer in LTS. Then the departing bassist decided he didn't want to leave after all so I joined the long, long list of ex-members of LTS. Shame, it would have been nice to have done at least one gig with them.

Double Cutching Daddies (2007)
Steve Pom: Vocals & git

Dan: Git & vocals
Danny: Drums & vocals
Mike O: lap steel
Shitkickin' Truckdrivin' Motherlovin' Country combo. Only did one gig, but gave us an excuse to wear our best duds'n'stetsons. Sheeeeeeeeit.

Attention Deficit Disorder (2011)
Me: Git
Mark Braby: cueing the tunes

Convened for my annual Scaledown performance, the blurb was as follows:

Really, who has the time or patience to bother with long songs? Life should mirror The Ramones' It's Alive album - no song longer than 2' 40".

Taking this approach down a slightly more extreme avenue will be Attention Deficit Disorder, a new one off project in which I will play 30 numbers in 15 minutes (that's 30 seconds per tune for those of you struggle with maths).

Mark had a stack of cards with 30 song titles written on them, and a stopwatch. The cards were shuffled, and every 30 seconds he'd yell out a new title, so I'd switch from whatever I was playing to the next tune. I think I overran by 7 seconds, but the last tune was the Bond theme (end thereof), and it's well worth waiting an extra 7 seconds for "that" chord.

Clarabella & The Cryptkicker V (2011)

Pre-decimal R'n'B combo, put together as a one off for the PRS Xmas gig 2011. Unsurprisingly, it was such a hoot we decided to carry on...

Clarabella: Clare Worley

The Cryptkicker V:

Guitar/Drums: Mark Braby
Guitar: Dan Whaley
Bass: Phil Simon
Piano/Drums: Andy Hale
Drums 2011-2012: Andrew Hutson

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  1. Yes Dan, there is a Dragnet 3 Facebook page. I also just took the liberty of posting this picture of us on it as it was completely new to me!


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