Laszlo Klemke

For many years it was assumed that the entire repertoire of late lamented Czechoslovakian film composer Laszlo Klemke had been lost (his grandmother was Hungarian if you're wondering about his first name...)

However, now, many years after his death, some of his magnificent film soundtracks are finally starting to see  the light. Selected highlights from his scores to zany spy capers "The Spyral Suitcase" and "The Danube Affair" have been released on Pumf Records' Godspunk Volumes 9 & 10.

And as if that wasn't exciting enough, Klemke's theme tune to arty French film "Le Treizieme" has just been redicovered.

All 3 can be heard here:

The Spyral Suitcase
The Danube Affair
Le Treizieme

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