In vaguely reverse chronological order...


The Dustaphonics - Johnny & Bo

I'm playing bass on Tracks 1 & 2

Mark Waterfield - A Man Of Principle

As a tribute to our dear, departed friend Mark Waterfield (1967-2016), this 3 track ep of Mark's songs was distributed to friends and family at his funeral. It will be followed in due course by a full album showcasing his quite extraordinary talent. Mark sang & blew harp, I strummed, plucked and bashed things and pressed the record button.

The Shockwaves - No Way In/No Way Out

Image of PRE-ORDER. CD The Shockwaves : No Way In, No Way Out !  Ltd Edition 250 copies.

...a mere 29 years after it was recorded, this little gem has finally made its way out of the vault. Further details here or here. I'm playing bass on it.


The Dustaphonics - Big Smoke London Town (Dirty Water Records ‎– DWC1073LP)

I'm on bass.

2007 - 2016

appearing on Pumf Records' Godspunk Volumes V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI & XVI under a number of guises including seven eves, Laszlo Klemke, Industrial Espionage, The Earls of Monte Cristo, The Richwoods, Evil Jack McDeath, Mrs Edna Watley, Big Ron Turner & The Charles Napiers

Perhaps best summed up by this review: "Characters like Evil Jack McDeath...populate Godspunk releases like tramps on a park bench on a warm day"

1995 - 2008

The Charles Napiers


First Plane... (One Million Dollar Records) DOLLAR008 (1995)

Valleri c/w Surf Rider (Hangman's Daughter) KETCH 11 UP (1995)

Regular Forty (Nana) NANA2 (1996)

Long Players

Square Root of Evil (One Million Dollar Records) DOLLAR007 (1995)

Il Suono di Violenza (One Million Dollar Records) DOLLAR021 (1997)

The Sinister Organisation (One Million Dollar Records) DOLLAR039 (1999)

Compact Disc

This Is...Mondo Wray (One Million Dollar Records) DOLLAR038 (1999)


Killing Time (Fat Ghost) FAT005 (2008)


Ambassador of Love on That's Mighty Childish lp (Vendetta) VEND007 (1995)

Sultan of Sentiment on Larsen Vol 11 3inch cd (Larsen) (1996)

Faceful of Pasta on Spaghetti Vol 1: Duck You Suckers lp & cd (One Million Dollar Records) DOLLAR012 (1997)

Thunderball on Licensed To Hear: James Bond Tribute picture disc lp (442emeRue) (2002)

Ballad of Rock Ridge on Hour of The Gun lp & cd (One Million Dollar Records) DOLLAR057 (2003)

What's My Name? on This Is Rockabilly Clash 10inch & cd (Raucous Records) (2003)

Brand New Batmobile on Holy Bat Music: Tribute To Batman picture disc lp (442emeRue) (2006)

Things've Changed Round Here on Godspunk Volume 5 cd (Pumf Records) (2007)

The Diaboliks

7 inches

Yes I Do c/w Lovin' Machine (Screaming Apple) 1995

Slaveboy c/w Ramrod (Thunderbaby) 1995

I Can't Sleep At Night c/w Never Thought You'd Leave Me (Mademoiselle) 1997

I Love Johnny Bravo c/w Just Like Me & It's Not Easy (Thunderbaby) 1998

Danger (Dionysus) 1996 12 inch LP & 12cm CD

Itching For Action (Dionysus) 1998 10 inch mini LP

Three Furburgers and a Chili Dog To Go (Vinyl Japan) 2000 12 inch LP & 12cm CD


Ramrod on Attack of The Terrible Boots (Mint Sound)
Pommes Frat on The Kittenblood Collection (Thunderwoman)
Hangover Head on 18 Thoughts of British Trash (Vinyl Japan)
Hangover Head on Guitars In The Kitchen (Vinyl Japan)
Hangover Head on Do The Nuclear Tests In Paris & Beijing (Vinyl Japan)
Beat On The Brat/Choc Ice on Black Tight Killers (Vinyl Japan)
Ninja A Go Go on Pervirella Soundtrack (Dionysus)
Yes I Do on The Girls Are All Square (LD&K)
I Can’t Sleep At Night on Today’s Top Girl Groups (Spinout)
A Little Less Conversation on The Kittenblood Collection Vol 2 (Thunderwoman)
Secret Track on reissue of Girls In The Garage Vol 1 (Romulan)

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