Current Bands

People keep asking me "how many bands are you in at the moment?" and I'm never quite sure of the answer, so here's my best guess:

1) I'm playing electric guitar with Ella Flame & The Nighthawks

2) I'm occasionally playing bass or rhythm guitar with surf'n'soul'n'rock'n'roll combo The Dustaphonics

3) I'm playing electric guitar with pre-decimal R'n'B combo Clarabella & The Cryptkicker V

(and massively tremoloed Pops Staples lecky git in spin off gospel duo The Very Reverend Jack McDeath & Sister Clarabella of The Immaculate Sisters of St Rory of Cork)

4) I'm playing (semi)acoustic guitar, bouzouki and warbling with train-death-blues-country-folk trio The Red Star Thistles (2 measures of Gumpf + a dash of Evil Jack McDeath = a Red Star Thistle) 

plus the three of us make up 3/8ths (or 9ths - depends who's there) of We Arrive Thirsty. Me on tenor banjo for that.

5) I'm playing ukulele with, err, uke duo/trio The Richwoods

6) Although on hiatus whilst Geofftheaccordionist is living in China, whenever we're in the same hemisphere I'm playing acoustic guitar and mandolin in 500mph East European folk duo The Flaming Czars

And if that's not enough, I occasionally do solo stuff, either as Evil Jack McDeath (guitar, bouzouki, mandolin, ukulele), The Earl of Monte Cristo (cigar box guitar), Vic Vox (Vox Electrulele through a Vox amp) or just plain ol' Dan Whaley (like, whatever)


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